US-Based Website Maintenance Services

Solve Website Issues Through Screen Share

We can help with any major CMS, ecommerce or blog platform including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Webflow, Squarespace, Magento or even custom built websites.

We custom quote any on-demand sessions and provide a free consultation before work begins. We require payment up-front once we agree upon the scope.

We work with independent contractors in the United States as well as in-house staff in the United States. They’re constantly vetted and keep various industry certifications up to date.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our on-demand sessions that you can choose to either receive a full refund or a future credit for another session.

We screen-share through Zoom or Google Meet and you will not have to share any credentials with your support tech.

We have reviews all over social media and we’ve invested heavily into our business and constantly give back to non-profits. All we have is our reputation and we have stayed in business since 2009. We also require contracts for all services and can sign NDAs before work begins.

What Customers Say...

"Rob's like a plumber or triple A insurance for your website when emergencies come up or your site goes down, his team is always available." - John S.

Jay Jay
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Wow. So I had another website designer build my new website (not Rob) and there were unresolved issues with how some things displayed. So I hired another person to fix them, and they only got one of the issues fixed. I was then referred to ANOTHER website designer, who looked at the backend/coding and begged off, but referred me to Rob. So now I'm speaking to Rob on the phone, he identifies the issues, We then hop on a Zoom call and I share my screen, and goes into the backend of my site and fixes ALL the issues! In a short amount of time! Everything is now fixed, and Rob fixed it all! I wish I had known Rob before I began this journey with a new website. I can't recommend him enough with my experience today!
Anthony Will
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Not only built our beautiful WordPress website, but their ongoing maintenance work keep the site up to date and looking good. Rob's attention to detail has also made a big difference. He has identified problems with text that we have provided and helped us out with quick corrections when necessary. Outstanding value and service!
Jeaneatte Smith
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If every business operated like, the world would be a much happier place. Rob's responses are lightning fast, he's very courteous and patient with technophobes like me, and he's brilliant. He has helped me several times when I've goofed up my website, not only fixing my mistakes, but rebuilding my site to make it easier to modify and beefing up my security. I can't recommend him highly enough. He's amazing.
Lyn Parker
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It's 10:00 PM in Kentucky. I'm in California. I call this random number because I'm about to set my hair on fire!!! I'm stuck, dead in the water. BINGO! I get Rob Docherty and he answers at 10 PM!! 30 minutes later, we've made a plan. The next morning Rob delved into my problem, assessed my needs and agreed to take the Needles California Chamber Commerce and Visitor Center on as a client. He understood our financial constraints and made a plan to accommodate that. He understood our level of expertise and made a plan to accommodate that. He offered a very affordable plan of maintenance. NOW, HERE'S THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! LISTEN UP! He can teach you. He can explain the terminology and technical procedures so you understand. He is patient and waits to see that you understand. These are rare qualities among tech support people----in my opinion. Rob and his team are sincere troubleshooters and tech experts. Trustworthy. Honest.
Rebecca Bailey
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Robert is a god send! We were having major trouble with our website, and we had no access to it. Not only was he able to verify himself, by bringing me to his website, but his customer service can't be matched. His patience is something you don't see much in IT ( I do not know anything about computers). He explained everything in a way that I could understand, and within an hour I had regained access to my website! Highly recommend him to everyone!!!!
Chelsea Davies
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Rob was the best. We spent two hours trying to recover my website after I thought I could change the domain name myself. I then foolishly thought I could recover it myself. Lesson learned. So if techy stuff is a foreign language to you, like it is me, save yourself the anxiety and hire Rob to do the job! Thanks again for your patience, your fair pricing, and your genuine ability to want to help technologically impaired!
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We'll fix your website.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We accept Venmo, Chime, or Cashapp.

On Demand Sessions

Everything is custom quoted with a flat-rate.

We’ll screen share in real-time to diagnose & resolve issues ranging from troubleshooting CSS inconsistencies to speeding up your website performance or even helping with migrating websites between hosting providers or even platforms building new websites on platforms such as WordPress, Shopify or Squarespace.

Monthly Support

(Starting at $349)

We offer a convenient monthly fee to keep an expert website troubleshooter in your back pocket. It’s not an hourly rate, just a flat-rate to fix issues as they arise pending an agreed upon scope.

Our most requested services

We’ve fixed over 3000 websites since we started and while every website is unique, the most common issues we come into contact with are broken migrations, malware infections, loading issues and mobile responsive issues.

We started offering troubleshooting and screensharing from the start of the business because we knew that we liked the opportunity to educate our clients before diving in to fix an issue. If you understand the high level aspect of what’s being performed, you’ll be better equipped in the future to diagnose these issues before spending your hard earned money on something you may choose to fix yourself.

We offer a website troubleshooting crash course performed and recorded in real-time for your website for an affordable price.

Please ask your troubleshooter about the cost and process.

Schedule A Free Consultation

We’ll provide a free diagnosis and a real-time quote and can begin during the call if you’d like to proceed.

We charge based on the scope and complexity of the issue, not an hourly rate, so you know exactly what you’re paying and receiving.